LED Light Team

“And as people around the world become more connected to one another through technology, the human race moves toward a civil society.  Government will only move toward change when the people demand it   … and with more pressure from civil society and government, business will change.”

Steven Rockefeller

Peter Stein – CEO/Founder, Managing Director

Peter Stein - Energy Saving SolutionsSerial Entrepreneur and a self appointed steward of the environment, Peter Stein brings 20 years experience in marketing, technology and finance.  From an early age, Peter Stein was a problem solver.  “We are faced with some of the greatest challenges and opportunities in our history.  We can either challenge ourselves to do better for our environment—not only for our own generation but for many generations to come or face a certain destruction of our own existence.  Energy Saving Solutions solves one very important issue:  How to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and save the planet from Global Warming while making this a profitable venture for our company and our clients.  Our corporate mission statement and philosophy is People, Planet and Profit.”

Gregory T. Knippel – Executive Vice President

180960_10150096718727748_7426551_nMr. Knippel brings over 20 years of multi-faceted professional experience to Energy Saving Solutions USA with expertise in technology, construction, property management, acquisitions, asset management, sales, marketing, leasing and finance. Prior to joining Energy Saving Solutions, he founded and grew several real estate-related services companies with revenues in excess of $50 million, one of which was sold to a NYSE listed company. He also spent part of his career as a Regional Vice President at Tishman Midwest Management & Leasing.

Knippel is a graduate from Harvard Business School and the University of Minnesota where he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics / Statistics. He is also a devoted father to three daughters, talented chef, musician and a second degree black belt.

Kristy Friedman – Director of Operations

Kristy Anne Cronise | Energy Saving Solutions
Kristy Friedman started with Energy Saving Solutions in 2011 and has held the position of Director of Operations with ESS since her coming on board.  Ms. Friedman is charged with all operations within Energy Saving Solutions, has a high degree of knowledge and proficiency in LED and Induction Lighting, and extraordinary organizational skills.  Previous to Energy Saving Solutions Ms. Friedman has led organizations as Chief Administrator and Operations Director.   When not overseeing programming teams, office procedures, lamp audits, or chatting with our manufacturing partners in China, Ms. Friedman enjoys exercising, reading, movies, and spending quality time with her new grandson, Marshall.

Mark Kane – Director of Finance

Mark Kane | Energy Saving Solutions
Mark Kane plays a vital role within Energy Saving Solutions as Director of Finance.   Mr. Kane’s role with ESS is to help secure  financing for lighting projects ranging from $1M to over $200M, help foster relationships with banks, leasing  companies , our various private equity lending partners and secure credit lines with energy service financial partners.   Mr. Kane’s career in finance and business operations spans over 30 years. Mr. Kane Earned his MBA at Wharton School of business, and resides in South Florida for the past 23 years.  When not working hard with ESS to secure lending institutions to work with, Mr. Kane can be found enjoying time with his wife Vivian and their 2 kids.

Dr. Sami Seyam, Ph.D.Dr. Sami Seyam, Ph.D. – Lighting Engineer

Armed with an P.h.D. in Technical Science, in Electrical Engineering, A multi skilled professional with a superb track record of managing complex functional projects in various environments. Professional qualified Electrical Engineer with excellent organizational and team working skills, Efficient, organized, and highly motivated. Collaborating with engineers from different disciplines to develop new skills and solve new challenges. 15 year’s experienced in wide range of applications including customer relationship management.