LEDs for Stores & Supermarkets

“Star Market Reduced energy consumption 50 to 65%”

Star Market in Chestnut Hill, MA was the first supermarket in the US to use all LED lights for both the interior and exterior, including parking lot lighting. Star Market’s parent company, Supervalu is committed energy reduction projects across all of their stores. With more than 200 Shaw’s and Star Market stores consuming nearly $35 million in electric – a scalable store-wide LED retrofit could dramatically reduce energy consumption.

“This should reduce energy used in refrigerated cases by 60%”

Seeing the success from LED outdoor signs and freezer cases, 159 Fresh & Easy stores will be retrofit their medium temerature refridgerated cases – changing out their T5 florescent bulbs to LED. This move will globally reduce costs and meet the company’s energy reduction objectives. Retail Grocers are among the highest commercial users of energy, with lighting and refrigeration accounting for 78 percent of all energy usage. Fresh & Easy Neihborhood markets is yet another example of how grocery stores are seeking alternatives to conserve energy and reduce their carbon footprint.

“United Supermarkets expects to save over $633,000 annually in energy and maintenance costs”

With virtually maintenance-free LED lights used in this retrofit United Supermarkets expects a rated life of 50,000 hours on these LED lamps.

“Seven-Eleven’s retrofit will cut the consumption of electricity by 25 percent”

Seven-Eleven Japan Co announced that they will retrofit in-store and signboard lights with power-saving LED lamps at 5,000 of its convenience stores as part of a 10 billion yen program to cope with power shortages expected in Japan’s eastern and northeastern regions this summer.