Authorized Dealer Brochure – Final 11-20


| May 19, 2014

Authorized Dealer Brochure - Final 11-20

Zero Up Front Cost to Businesses

With zero up-front cost, businesses can save up to 90% from the lighting portion of their energy bill by simply changing over to the Forever LED™

Think about it, approximately 12 billion electric lights on the planet use Edison-style (incandescent) bulbs; a third are in the U.S. So, lighting up the world consumes about 2 trillion kilowatt-hours annually, or one-eighth of all electric power. This takes a lot of fuel: the equivalent of nearly a billion tons of coal annually.

So as the cost of energy continues to rise, so too does the need for efficient lighting. With multi-million dollar financing exclusively available to your clients as an authorized dealer, businesses can save up to 90% on energy with zero up-front cost by changing over to LED lighting. LEDs use a fraction of the energy incandescent and CFL bulbs use while providing the best quality light ever imagined.

Businesses of all kinds trust the experts at Energy Saving Solutions to reduce their energy costs:

    Restaurant Chains
    School Districts
    Banking Institutions
    Retail Facilities

Read more about why becoming an Authorized Dealer is good for your business by opening a PDF by clicking here

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